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Our customers tell it better than we do!



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tougher than the norm, but very beautiful ❤️

Renee S.

So much fun to do. I am 83 and absolutely love doing these puzzles. This one a wedding gift.

Bonnie L.

Log frogs in any form. This is great. Again going to put in shadow box frame.

Bonnie L.

Cutiest puppy ever. Going to from in a shadow box for a future great grandchild.

Bonnie L.

Love it. The colors are so vibrant and pretty. Pieces were in good shape, also. No dried and split individual pieces.

Loyette P.

I love all the puzzle(6 or 7) I have gotten from your company but my coon cat puzzle was missing like 4 or 5 pieces, as you can tell from the picture.

Kathy M.

I love all the puzzles, I prefer the smaller one because it does not take a lot of place. Sometime some pieces are not cut right but not a lot. Continu to make those, I really appreciate .

Danielle F.

I have gotten my husband several of your puzzles and he loves them. I thought it would take him a lot longer than it did for him but once he gets started he can’t stop. He is sealing them and wants to frame them so he can put them on the side of our garage so they can be enjoyed when we are in the gazebo and pool.

Paulette M.

It was a challenging puzzle, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The pieces are very well made and love the different designs. Ordering more puzzles and framing each one.

Melissa D.

I love my Puzzle 😊 enjoy time to put it together

Patricia D.

Was a great project for me and my kids to do Easter Sunday after brunch! 🩷

Dedrick L.

Love it, love it, love it. Love parrots and this one is just gorgeous.

Sheryl A.

This one I did over a couple of nights, as was busy during days. A bit more of a challenge to do, when I got to the end I thought I was missing some bits, and had an extra bit, after a while after looking armt picture I discovered that I had put a part together wrongly, so I fixed it.

Sheryl A.

A challenge for me to complete. But managed to complete 2 in one night.

Sheryl A.

Great puzzle. Challenging and fun to work on. Am giving as a gift and sure they will love it.

Heidi B.

Love the colors!

Jeannine T.

I am not the puzzle maker, my Queen is. I have purchased puzzles from different companies. I go for the puzzles, not the companies. As a special Ed teacher, the puzzles are part of her chill at home mode. We both love them. Thank you for your fun.

Scott B.

I wish the photo example that came with it would have been better

Ana F.

The puzzles are a lot of fun to do!! And are beautiful!! Cannot wait to get them secured and framed!!! They will make amazing wall art!!!

Pete C.

After a trip to Africa this was a natural choice. Intricate pattern and unique cut made it a challenge. However, unfortunately, there was one piece missing. Customer service was more than helpful and offered 3 ways to resolve. Satisfied with both puzzles and customer service. Awaiting replacement of Rhino and ordered 4 additional puzzles.

Kathy G.


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